About the System

The Components

Engine and Transmission

When designing the engine and transmission skid plate 4 goals were identified.


The Development Process

No doubt the Ford Interceptor is quickly becoming the most sought after vehicle for law enforcement fleets across the country. However, after the Denver Police Department put their first round of Interceptors into service they were plagued with damaged undercarriage components due to the vehicle being bottomed out or driven over large obstructions. At the time only 2 skid plate options were available for the vehicle and neither were going to be able to handle the repeated abuse that a patrol car will see, Denver knew there had to be a more robust solution that could be developed. They contacted us at Rep. Services to see if we knew of any other products or knew who they could work with in designing a system. After doing some research on the type of damage that was occurring our thought was to contact the industry leader in off road vehicle protection. The team at Nemesis Industries was more than willing to take on the task of developing a skid plate system for the interceptor. Their knowledge of designing products to withstand repeated abuse off road gave us confidence that they were up to the task.

We sat down with the fleet director from Denver and the design team at Nemesis to develop some ideas on what the goal of the product was to be and what materials could be used. After a tour of the Nemesis manufacturing facility and a look at the products that they manufacture for off road use out of aluminum everyone was in agreement that aluminum could be used to save weight but would still withstand the abuse. In October of 2013 the design process began and by January 1st the first working prototype was installed on a test vehicle. Initial testing was excellent and in fact after seeing the design of the engine and transmission skid plate Denver expanded the scope of the project to include complete exhaust system coverage. It was back to the drawing board to develop a multi-piece system that would protect from the front bumper to behind the muffler. A month later the complete system was in testing. There were a few clearance modifications that were made to work with different vehicle configurations, as the test group was expanded.

Upon Denver's approval the contract was put out to bid and awarded to us until 2017. Denver began installing the units in August of 2014 and has had tremendous reduction in repairs to undercarriage components. After the initial order was placed from Denver other surrounding departments began looking into the system and as of end of year 2014 we had over 200 units on 5 agency's vehicles on the street. In July of 2015 we received our first purchase order from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and have orders in hand that will more than double the current units in use.

Fleets Currently Using our System


  • Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department


  • Aurora Police Department
  • Commerce City Police Department
  • Denver Police Department
  • Denver Sheriff's Department
  • Douglas County Sheriff's Office
  • Routt County Sheriff's Office
  • Mesa County Sheriff's Office